Old School Cel Painting

Wow, you all at Lvl Up Expo loved us! We had supplies for 80 people to paint cels and there were so many more of you than that.  Our normal workshops run about 30-40 people, but after Lvl Up in 2023 where we maxed out our 40 we thought well if we double it it…

Make Your Own Japanese Bound Book!

Presented for the first time at Anime Los Angeles 19 (2024), this one was a request! I had done fukuro toji stab binding for stuff for years and honestly thought it had been covered a lot in conventions, but as always, if someone gives us a request, we look into it! Fukuro Toji is the…

Yosegi-Zaiku and Kumiko

From Anime Los Angeles 18(2023), we did a workshop making Yosegi-Zaiku and Kumiko coasters.  For anyone who needs the other resource handout, both are available  here for you.  I hope you enjoyed the panel.  

Make Your Own Hakama!

We ran this panel at Anime Los Angeles 18(2023), and it very much did not fit into the hour alloted for it, but hopefully everyone who attended had fun!  You can find the handout and predone measurement sheet linked here in case you lost it, or want to share with someone! Make Your Own Hakama!…

Make Your Own Yosegi-Zaiku!

This panel was presented at Anime Los Angeles 17, and more info will be posted here when the convention is over, but we wanted to make this presentation available ASAP! Yosegi Zaiku

Let’s Play: Go

This is my second game workshop, teaching the basics of how to play Go. I taught this panel at Anime Los Angeles 2020, where technical issues prevented me from having the presentation up on the projector, and most recently at Sin City Anime 2022.  I’ve included the presentation and the Resources handout here for reference….

Learn to Play Shogi

At Otakon Vegas 2018, I taught a workshop on Shogi.  This is a classic Japanese strategy game with the same origins as western chess.  While its better to learn in person, I have shared the presentation and handout for anyone interested, or anyone who attended and wants a refresher.  Its a great game that is…

Steampunk Volt Gauge

As part of my steampunk miko outfit, I wanted a cool gauge and some lights on my hakama belt.  I didn’t want piping so something like a pressure gauge was out, so I turned to the internet. Searching for “diy steampunk gauge” landed me at http://www.epbot.com/2011/06/diy-steampunk-gauges.html which was amazingly awesome! So I decided to try it myself….


How to make temari, with pictures! Kai again, I taught this workshop at Otakon Vegas 2017. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and I think most people got theirs at least halfway done.  In case any of you who took the workshop have lost your handout, or you were pointed this way by a…

Mini Kimono

Kai here, I’ve been teaching a class at some anime conventions about making yukata, cotton unlined kimono. I make the kits in 1/6 scale both so that people can work on something small enough to finish in 2 hours, and because 1/6 scale is a popular size for ball jointed dolls so some people might…