Mini Kimono

Kai here, I’ve been teaching a class at some anime conventions about making yukata, cotton unlined kimono. I make the kits in 1/6 scale both so that people can work on something small enough to finish in 2 hours, and because 1/6 scale is a popular size for ball jointed dolls so some people might get use out of their mini kimonos. ┬áThe pattern scales directly up as the 1/6 version was derived from the real pattern I use to make my own kimono from Folkwear. ┬áSince the kits are predone, I’m posting the actual pattern pieces here in case anyone who takes the class wants to create more mini kimono out of their own fabric, as well as a copy of the handout.

UPDATE! I ran this workshop for a third time at Anime Los Angeles 2020, and updated the handout for it! The pattern pieces are the same, but the handout now has better pictures for all the steps.


Kimono Pattern – Page 1

Kimono Pattern – Page 2

Make Your Own Kimono!

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  1. Kai says:

    Thank you Fanime 2016 attendees to this panel, per your suggestion, I’m going to try to get a video added to this post as well!

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