Make Your Own Japanese Bound Book!


Presented for the first time at Anime Los Angeles 19 (2024), this one was a request! I had done fukuro toji stab binding for stuff for years and honestly thought it had been covered a lot in conventions, but as always, if someone gives us a request, we look into it!

Fukuro Toji is the stereotypical binding seen in anime for old books, even though it was really the fourth major style of bookbinding, and was used well into the 1920s.  It is a type of stab binding, meaning there are holes that go all the way through the book that are used to bind it together with fiber of some kind.

We only had an hour, and it should have been an hour and a half and that’s on me for not scheduling correctly, but we maxed out the 39 people allowed in the room and had to turn away at least 20 standing in the room, and for that we’re asking, please add to the ALA19 feedback survey to give workshops a bigger room! Fire code is fire code and they had to obey it, but we’d love to be able to accommodate everyone to be there, even if we run out of kits for workshops!

For those who weren’t able to make it into the workshop, or those who lost their handouts, I’m posting them here.  While the workshop had the benefit of premade templates for the holes, the handouts will show you how to calculate where your holes should be for which style you’d like 🙂

Make Your Own Japanese Bound Book – Fukuro Toji style stab bookbinding

Bookbinding Stitching Instructions

There was a request for making fans for next year, so we’ll research that and see what we can do, and you can find us next at Lvl Up Expo in Las Vegas, April 26th-28th, where we’ll be running Old School Cel Painting!

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