Yosegi-Zaiku and Kumiko

From Anime Los Angeles 18(2023), we did a workshop making Yosegi-Zaiku and Kumiko coasters.  For anyone who needs the other resource handout, both are available  here for you.  I hope you enjoyed the panel.  

Let’s Play: Go

This is my second game workshop, teaching the basics of how to play Go. I taught this panel at Anime Los Angeles 2020, where technical issues prevented me from having the presentation up on the projector, and most recently at Sin City Anime 2022.  I’ve included the presentation and the Resources handout here for reference….

Learn to Play Shogi

At Otakon Vegas 2018, I taught a workshop on Shogi.  This is a classic Japanese strategy game with the same origins as western chess.  While its better to learn in person, I have shared the presentation and handout for anyone interested, or anyone who attended and wants a refresher.  Its a great game that is…